StreetLeverage – Live 2012

November 8, 2017

Trudy Suggs | Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter

A Person Who is Deaf Feeling Disempowered
Trudy Suggs examines how the choices sign language interpreters make while delivering communication access can, and often do, contribute to… Read More

Wing Butler | Onsite Sign Language Interpreters Face Extinction

Onsite Sign Language Interpreter Considering the Concept of Extinction
Innovate or face extinction? Wing Butler suggests that a marriage between foundational, Deaf-centric values and evolution can lift sign language… Read More

Nigel Howard | Deaf Interpreters: The State of Inclusion

Questions About Inclusion of Deaf Interpreters
Nigel Howard addresses definitions, perceptions, misconceptions and the benefits of Deaf and Hearing Interpreter teams working together toward a common… Read More

Lynnette Taylor | Modern Questor: Connecting the Past to the Future of the Field

Modern Questor for Sign Language Interpreters
Weaving personal and collective history, legislation and cautionary tale together, Lynnette Taylor leaves us with the question, “What can we… Read More
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