Activist = Interpreter = Activist

January 1, 2017


Lianne Moccia has served as an activist within the interpreting community for many years. She has been a constant force in the interpreting communities of Vermont and New Hampshire throughout her career. Her roles have been both formal and informal in moving the profession forward through her thought provoking questioning of the status quo and her commitment to seeking solutions. Lianne has been committed to change within the system of structured formality of certification under the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, but more importantly, through remaining curious and questioning of the services being provided by colleagues on a day-to-day basis. This chapter is part of a collaborative project of the students and faculty of Western Oregon University’s Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies. This chapter chronicles Lianne Moccia’s path from curious student to change agent within the northern New England interpreting community.


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Citation: Williamson, Amy C. (2017) “Activist = Interpreter = Activist,” Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies (MAIS) Case Studies: Vol. 1 , Article 3.

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