Technology Mediated Dispute Resolution and the Deaf Community

December 9, 2013

The work of American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreters is filled with complex interpersonal, linguistic, and cultural challenges. “Interpreting is a discourse process in which interpreters are active participants who need to… understand interactional behavior as well as explicit ways in which languages and cultures use language… interpreters make intentional, informed choices from a range of possibilities. The decisions and ethical dilemmas interpreters face on a daily basis are countless and the potential for disagreement regarding those decisions is great. Technology Mediated Dispute Resolution (TMDR) processes can be particularly helpful when misunderstandings and conflicts arise. Conversely, the communication skills that the Deaf Community and interpreters employ routinely can provide valuable insights for everyone who uses new technologies to communicate and resolve disputes. […]


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Larson, David Allen and Mickelson, Paula Gajewski (2009) “Technology Mediated Dispute Resolution and the Deaf Community,” Health Law and Policy Brief: Vol. 3 : Iss. 1 , Article 4.

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