#iamleverage: Sign Language Interpreters Honor Their Mentors

March 26, 2014

Jonathan Ramos - #iamleverage tribute

As sign language interpreters, each one of us can point to a single person who most influenced our career. These mentors, formal and informal, extended us perspective and learning that has shaped our view of the practice of sign language interpreting. For this gift of career altering leverage, we are and will remain grateful.

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In an attempt to honor these quiet giants of the field, we invite you to grab your smart phone (or camera) and join with StreetLeverage to recognize these amazing people with a photo tribute.

StreetLeverage will be showcasing your photo tributes both online and at StreetLeverage – Live 2014 in Austin, TX May 1-4, 2014.

Here’s How it Works

1) Take a Photo. Have a picture taken of you holding an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper (landscape orientation) with the name of the person who most influenced your career written on it.

* The focal length of the photo and the size of the name on the paper in the tribute above works well.

2) Write a Description. Write a Facebook status description of approximately 35 words about how your mentor influenced your career.

* This step is not required, but encouraged.

3) Upload, Tag & Hashtag It. Upload your photo and description to Facebook. It is important to tag your mentor (if possible) and StreetLeverage. Also include the hashtag: #iamleverage

* This step is key. If StreetLeverage doesn’t know it’s there, we can’t showcase it.

It is our hope that by paying tribute to the mentor who changed your career, you will feel inspired. Inspired enough to extend leverage to a person who is following you into the field of sign language interpreting.


By tagging StreetLeverage on the photo tribute of your mentor you are granting StreetLeverage the express permission to share your image online and at StreetLeverage – Live 2014 May 1-4, 2014.


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Write a short description on the paper or on the Facebook post?


Do we do this now or wait until May?

Gerdinand Wagenaar

By when?

I’d love to participate, but it will be hard to find time for a while…

Another great initiative btw!

Kevin Lowery

It is a good thing to get all these warm fuzzies about your career-changing experience. What good is that if we don’t take that a step further. Just think of the impact you can have on someone else’s career. Quality mentors are far and few between and those of us coming up through the ranks flail and flounder without guidance and input. So, I challenge every one of you who makes a post to come up with a plan. If you really are change then you will pay it forward.

Terri Hayes

Mr. Lowry – the fact that people are being noted here – is a clear indication that we/they HAVE BEEN paying it forward… your comment is insulting.


[…] StreetLeverage invites sign language interpreters to honor their mentors, formal or informal, by sharing a photo tribute to recognize their gift of career changing leverage.  […]

Terri Hayes

Brandon – are all of the photos going to appear on Facebook Street Leverage? I know several people who have posted (with hashtag) but their images are not indicated on the Facebook page. Just wondering if there is somewhere else to go look if the photos get too numerous?


Hello Street Leverage,
I think this is an outstanding endeavor and I’m glad that we have an opportunity to acknowledge these quiet giants that seek no glory for themselves but were willing to make time for us little sprouts to contribute to the interpreting field in a positive manner. I don’t have Facebook and would like to ask ‘to whom’ would I submit my mentor’s name and ‘where’.
Thank you 🙂


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