Nigel Howard | Deaf & Hearing Worlds: Enculturation and Acculturation


The plenary presentation will focus on recognizing the difference between Deaf and Hearing persons getting ‘enculturated’ and acculturated. In turn, it is to realize and appreciate the linguistic and cultural spheres occurring during the interpretation process and how they overlap each other in a fluid manner. Essentially, it is to reframe our profession by the incorporation of having visual, rather than audio-logical, mindset in order to interpret effectively and successfully.


2014-10-30_1524Nigel Howard works as an instructor at Douglas College in the Department of Sign Language Interpretation and also for the Faculty of Child, Family and Community Studies.  He is a professor at University of Victoria in the Department of Linguistics.  Additionally, he provides workshops, presentations, trainings and courses on varying topics/subjects around the world such as medical interpreting, Deaf interpreting, Deafhood, interpreter professional development, and many more.

Nigel has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for over 20 years, often in medical, mental health, legal, theatre, community, and conference settings – local, national, and international- in ASL, British Sign Language or International Signs.  Membership includes RID, Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) and World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, which he is the North America Representative.  He is on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Interpreter Education.


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