CIT 2014 – Workshop | The Contribution of Deaf Interpreters to GATEKEEPING Within the Interpreting Profession: Reconnecting with our Roots



There is increasing interest in finding ways to return Deaf people to the position of Gatekeeping they once held within the interpreting profession. We propose that one way in which the role of gatekeeping is currently evident is through the work of Deaf interpreters who work collaboratively with hearing interpreters. This session will provide an overview of data collected from the analysis of Deaf-hearing team interpretations rendered during court proceedings and vocational rehabilitation settings. The data provides evidence that Deaf interpreters intervene in the interpreting process more frequently than their hearing counterparts for the purpose of 1) checking in with Deaf consumers to determine comfort level, ensure understanding or seek clarification, 2) to verify the accuracy of the hearing interpreter’s interpretation and 3) to seek clarification regarding meaning and intention from the source speaker. Further, they provide more context-based information as part of their interpretations to Deaf consumers. The implications of the findings for the preparation of newly entering and practicing interpreters will be discussed.


Anna Witter-Merithew, Carla Mathers

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(New York)