It’s Interpreter Appreciation Day!

Wanna take a trip?! 

No bags to pack. No tank to fill. Just a few clicks to see how much you’re appreciated.

Oh! And a chance to win a little goodness on your special day!

(Okay, maybe a lot of goodness…$2,000 in prizes.)

In an effort to recognize the commitment sign language interpreters make to the Deaf Community and to their craft, StreetLeverage has arranged an Interpreter Appreciation Day Gratitude Tour and an opportunity for interpreters to enter to win some great prizes.


(Think…Amazon Fire HD10, Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera, massage, and gift cards galore.)

How does it work?

1. Visit each tour partner destination by clicking on the logos on the digital passport below.

2. Read the special messages they have prepared to honor you and your work.

3. Collect a “stamp” (passport code) from each destination.

4. Submit your passport codes and contact info via the entry form below.

* Entries accepted until 5:30pm ET, Wednesday, 5/2/18.

How do you know if you won?

On Wednesday, 5/2/18 at 6:30pm ET, we will select winners for each of the 10 prizes from our partners via Facebook Live! Prize winners will receive their prizes directly from our tour partners.

Join us!

Interpreter Appreciation Day Gratitude Tour Passport

(Please note, the Interpreter Appreciation Day Gratitude Tour Giveaway has concluded.)


Join us live at 6:30pm ET on Facebook for the drawing!


Forward-looking organizations committed to retelling the story of the interpreter.



(New York)