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StreetLeverage is excited to announce that the following talks and sessions of StreetLeverage – Live 2014 will be available free of charge via live stream:

Friday, May 2, 2014

11:20a – 11:45a CST

Chris Wagner

Strategic Partnerships: Cooperation Among Stakeholders in Sign Language Interpreting Isn’t Enough

Chris will explore how developing strategic partnerships among the Deaf and Community and the sign language interpreting community is more than a cooperative effort; it’s one of accountability.

* Click here on Friday, May 2nd at 11:15a CST to watch Chris’s talk.

7:25p – 9:00p CST

Douglas Ridloff

ASL Slam

StreetLeverage and the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) are excited to host ASL Slam.  ASL Slam is an open-stage night throw-down of improvisation to liberate the closeted ASL storyteller, rapper, poet, and/or comedian in all of us.

* Click here on Friday, May 2nd at 7:25p CST to watch ASL Slam.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

11:20a – 11:45a CST

MJ Bienvenu

Bilingualism: Are Sign Language Interpreters Bilinguals?

MJ will examine if sign language interpreters are proficient bilinguals as expected and if not, is it okay for them to work in the field while still acquiring the language?

* Click here on Saturday, May 3rd at 11:20a CST to watch MJ’s talk.

7:00p – 9:00p CST

Evening Session: ChangeMaker

A session designed to give participants a collaborative opportunity to build a sign language interpreting industry asset by sharing ideas, solutions, resources, and assembling workgroups.

* Click here on Saturday, May 3rd at 6:55p CST to watch ChangeMaker.

Sunday, May 5, 2014

11:20a – 11:45a CST

Robert Lee

INTERPRET+PERSON: Presentation of Self and Sign Language Interpreters

Robert’s will explore how the identities of sign language interpreters as individuals cannot be removed from the communicative interactions of their work or the relations they have with the people with whom they work.

* Click here on Sunday, May 4th at 11:20a CST to watch Robert’s talk.

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