ILI Keynote | Looking Out – Looking In – Reaching: The Role and Function of Critical Analysis


This Institute for Legal Interpreting (ILI) keynote presentation will highlight the role of Critical Analysis in the exploration of legal interpreting performance. A philosophical and theoretical schema for looking at a sign language interpreter’s work will be covered.  Discussion will center on why interpreters will benefit by engaging in critical analysis and how to talk about the work in deep ways without being “critical.”  We will examine ways to look at the work of any interpreter as a gateway for looking at our own work.


Carol-lee Aquiline and Sharon Neumann Solow will set the stage for the ILI by encouraging a safe and open environment for participants and facilitators to dive into the critical analysis of interpreting performance. The importance of group collaboration and cooperative learning will be stressed in order to set the framework for a successful working and learning conference experience.

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(New York)