Doug Bowen-Bailey

Doug Bowen-BaileyDoug Bowen-Bailey is a practitioner, mentor, resource developer and interpreter educator. He also works as an Interpreter Training Consultant with the Region III Low-Incidence Project in NE Minnesota serving interpreters who work in K-12 settings. With Patty Gordon, he was co-developer of the Teaching Interpreters in Public Schools (TIPS), an online process to support educational interpreters in raising the quality of service in the classroom as well as meeting the licensure standards of their state.

In addition to working for change in the profession of interpreting, Doug is also an community advocate and organizer. He was part of a task force that led to the creation of a Citizen Review Board for his local police department and currently serves as one of the members on that board. Doug lives in Duluth, Minnesota with his partner, Holly, their two children, Sylvie and Frost, and three chickens. 


Transforming Perspectives: The Power of One-to-One Conversations for Sign Language Interpreters

Doug will share insights from a project of dialogue designed to build toward a critical mass that helps change how sign language interpreters talk to each other as colleagues and as a community.


What Sign Language Interpreters Can Learn from Community Organizers

All talk and no action is no good.  Doug will explore how community organizing strategies can help sign language interpreters talk to each other in order to strengthen and transform the relationships they have with their colleagues, and with the community they serve.

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