Eileen Forestal

Eileen Forestal

Eileen Forestal, Ph.D., RSC, has been Coordinator of ASL-English Interpreting Program, Union County College in NJ for 35 years, for past few years an adjunct in  the Master’s Program in Interpreter Pedagogy at University of Northern Florida and in LaGuardia Community College’s Interpreting Program. She is known as nationwide educator and consultant on ASL, Deaf interpreters, and interpreting topics, etc. Her dissertation “Deaf interpreters: Exploring their processes of interpreting” will be published spring 2014. She authored “Emerging Professionals: Deaf Interpreters and Their Views and Experiences on Training” in Interpreting and Interpreter Education: Directions for Research and Practice, Oxford University (2005).


Deaf Interpreters: Shaping the Future of the Interpreting Profession

Eileen’s talk will examine the paradigm shift occurring within the sign language interpreting profession as Deaf interpreters challenge traditional interpreting service models.


Shaping the Work of Deaf Interpreters and Deaf-Hearing Interpreter Teams

This workshop will primarily focus on approaches and techniques for Deaf interpreters (DIs) and Hearing interpreters (HIs) who work in teams and how to establish effective collaboration in order to deliver accurate interpretations.

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