Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Robert G. Lee, MA, CI/CT has been interpreting, teaching and researching for more than 25 years. He is the author or co-author of numerous articles and book chapters on various aspects of linguistics and interpreting from cognitive processing to the syntax of ASL. He is currently Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the MA and Postgraduate Diploma in BSL/English Interpreting at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). He has previously taught both Interpreting and Linguistics at Northeastern University in Boston as well as presentations in as the US, Europe and South America.


INTERPRET+PERSON: Presentation of Self and Sign Language Interpreters

Robert’s talk will explore how the identities of sign language interpreters as individuals cannot be removed from the communicative interactions of their work or the relations they have with the people with whom they work.


Role Space: Understanding Sign Language Interpreters’ Place in Interactions

This workshop will examine the core premise that the role of sign language interpreters is not something one has, rather is it something one does.

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