Angela Roth

Angela Roth - Sign Language Interpreter

Angela Roth is President / CEO and founder of American Sign Language Services, Inc., American Sign Language Services Latino (Puerto Rico) and Global VRS, under the parent Corporation of American Sign language Services Holdings, LLC.  All three companies are at the national and international leading edge in multicultural, multilingual Sign language services and interpreter development, with focus on ASL, English and Spanish. Additionally, Ms. Roth is also the first nationally successful Latino woman owner of Global VRS (formerly Gracias VRS), a National Video Relay Service provider, as of September 2008 and a major advocate behind the VRS Spanish industry.


Seriously!? Do Sign Language Interpreters Still Need to Talk About Diversity?

Angela’s talk will address the depth of the challenges our profession still faces addressing individually and collectively cross cultural reality, respect and responsibility.


Sign Language Interpreters: How to Apply Cross-Cultural Concepts to Your Work

Using cross-cultural dialogues, this interactive workshop will open frank discussion on enhancing consciousness to connect with ourselves and each other to further the quality of the fabric and tapestry of our service to the communities we serve.

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