Summary of 2015 RID National Conference Business Meeting

2015 RID Business Meeting Part I

(View the live microblogging of the Business Meeting Part I here.)

  • RID President Dawn Whitcher opened
  • 1,209 people in attendance at National Conference.
  • 336 Certified members, 32 Associate members present
  • Quorum was certified
  • Standing rules for meeting approved.

Resolutions A-L

  • thanked committees, task forces, volunteers, etc., for service this year
  • thanked everyone involved in support and execution of 2015 conference
  • Passed as a group, no discussion

Board Reports

President’s report

Summary of state of RID committees

  • praised progress made since RID Conference in 2013.
  • past two years = challenges & successes,
  • collaboration/hard work from volunteers on committees, task forces, & board.
  • many changes on the way
  • as the world changes, RID will change with it.
  • RID needs member involvement in organization & committees.

Treasurer’s report

  • members asking: is our money safe? Has it been spent appropriately?
  • 21 findings from 2013 Audit Committee have all been addressed
  • RID Bookstore to be inventoried and have its inventory protected
  • database old & needs updating.
  • cheers to RID HQ staff for getting new database running.
  • Main $$ to RID related to revenue stream.
  • timing of expenditures v. income from member dues = cash flow problems
  • to ensure future financial strength, RID will adopt three new principals:
    1. a zero-balance budget philosophy
    2. delivering frequent financial updates to membership
    3. reconciling budget to values-based programs

Questions for the Treasurer:

Q:  Can you address budget allotment for RID Board? Members concerned by $$ compensation received by board

A: Loss of Work stipend of $35,000-37,000 is budgeted for the board over the next 2 years.

  • Includes travel budget & stipends
  • stipend ($2,000 for the President and $600 for the Treasurer) to help compensate for board members’ time.
  • If the membership dissatisfied with stipend amounts or budgeting, decision to change that lies with membership.

Q: How can RID make up for lost revenue when certification is on hold?

A: time to start thinking out of the box for alternative resources

  • professional development,
  • relationships with Affiliate Chapters,
  • Publications, etc.

Q: values-based spending means what?

A: aligning spending with the goals, values, objectives, and mission of RID

Q: How can RID claim use of values-based spending when certification testing has been put on hold?

A: Member reply: the impact of the credentialing moratorium on revenue considered, but that core value is on certification quality not on its associated revenue.

A: Treasurer:

  • credentialing on hold, not eliminated,
  • board to reexamine credentials offered.
  • financially, moratorium cannot last forever
  • RID needs to examine funding streams more fully.

Q: Why is there a $600,000 drop in revenue between fiscal year budgets?

  • There is speculation decrease is due to staff turnover
  • and potential legal issues

A: Need to look at actual books. Willing to do on request.

  • Funds used for capital expenditures (i.e. fixing roof on HQ)
  • Consulting fees to protect RID


Motions filed with RID Headquarters prior to the national conference.

The content and authorship of each of the filed motions and responses from RID Board & HQ staff, can be viewed here.

Motion A

  • establish ASL as official language of regional and national RID conferences
  • beginning @2016 regional conferences
  • ASL interpretation provided in all workshops and presentations that focus on spoken language.

Supported by:

  • Council of Elders
  • Deaf Advisory Council
  • Deaf Caucus
  • Interpreters with Deaf Parents Member Section

Member: motion calls for an official language, not an exclusive language

  • English will remain welcome at conferences.

Member: suggested reframed discussion

  • from ASL v. English  to L1/L2 issue and that
  • people should not be forced to choose.

Motion A carried with 249 of 368 total votes.

Motion B

Withdrawn prior national conference

Motion C

Appointment of New Committee Members dateline change to 45 days before National convention

  • Membership passed Motion C.

Part II of the Business Meeting

(View the live microblogging of the Business Meeting Part II here.)

  • Floor movement floor to reconsider Motion C.
  • Vote to reconsider.
  • Associates informed can’t vote in error.
  • Not a certification issue, should be able to vote.
  • Moot point. Reconsideration did not pass.

Motion H

  • “Rollover CEUs”

    • Withdrawn after determination = moot point

Motion I

  • Power and Privilege CEU Requirement

  • 1.0 in 8.0 of required CEUs in certification cycle = training in power and privilege.

    • Substitute Motion submitted.

    • 1.0 of 6.0 Professional CEUs per cycle training related to power, privilege, and oppression

  • Professional Development Council work with various councils to build workshops for this purpose
  • Before discussion starts motion from floor to defer to PDC
  • Quorum count called and confirmed with 314 voting members present
  • Motion to refer to PDC failed.
  • The amended motion proposed (1.0 out of 6.0 CEUs in power, privilege, and oppression) substituted for Motion I.
  • Certification issue therefore Associate Members not permitted to vote.
  • ⅔ majority of Certified members required.
  • Motion impacts Certified only, so Associate members not permitted to vote.
  • Motion I narrowly carried
  • 188 voting in favor, 89 opposed, and 15 abstentions.
  • threshold for 2/3 majority was 186 Certified members.

Motion J

Establishment ad hoc committee to explore requiring 20 pro bono hours for certified members per CMP cycle

  • recognize pro bono work and create an incentive for community support
  • Board position to refer the motion to the PDC was ignored.
  • The PDC supports spirit of pro bono work but opposed based on logistics of including a requirement in the CMP
  • An amended motion substituted for Motion J:
  • change: ad hoc committee to include members still undecided about pro bono requirement.
  • Motion J was passed by membership.

Motions and Resolutions from the Floor

Motion K

All Open sessions of RID Board of Directors be recorded in video format & published on

  • Submitted after May 10, 2015 deadline. Board has not discussed.
  • $$ impact unknown.
  • Only meeting minutes published in ASL.
  • NAD does not video record their meetings.
  • Motion to Defer to committee.
  • Motion to defer passed.

Motion L

Motion L was raised by the Deaf Caucus and moved that RID Views and the Journal of Interpreting be published in bilingual format – ASL and written English – beginning with the first digital copy of RID Views and the next issue of JOI.

  • precedent set by Street Leverage and by Gallaudet University’s digital journal, Deaf Studies.
  • concerns were raised over fiscal impact
  • contributing authors responsible for submitting their work in both languages
  • The motion carried: 188 support and 56 opposed
  • A simple majority of 163 votes was required to pass.


Officially thank Matthew O’Hara for years of service

  • Majority vote count abstained and resolution failed.

Motion M

RID conduct a cost-benefit analysis of filming workshops at future RID conferences for online for post-conference viewing.

  • The motion failed.

Motion N

Veto RID Board decision to “sunset” the OTC & add program to testing moratorium.

President confirmed that Article 3, Section 3d of RID bylaws states that any board decision can be overturned by a 2/3 majority of the voting membership.

  • Move to table the vote failed,
  • Move to table discussion also failed.
  • The motion drew extensive discussion.
  • A 2/3 majority of 168 votes was required to carry the motion.
  • Board decision to sunset OTC vetoed by membership
  • 210 in support, 56 opposed, 21 abstaining.

Motion O

Investigate the logistical and fiscal feasibility of establishing a secure online voting system

  • Motion O passed unanimously save for approximately 5 abstentions.


  • A motion to adjourn
  • 125 in support, 95 opposed, and 5 abstaining.
  • The meeting was adjourned with several motions left unaddressed

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