Wing Butler Joins StreetLeverage – Live Presenter Line-up

Wing Butler

We are excited to share that Wing Butler has joined the presenter line-up for StreetLeverage – Live 2015. Wing is replacing Jimmy Beldon who has had a family matter that needs his attention and focus. We are appreciative of Wing stepping in on short-notice. He is sure not to disappoint.

About Wing

Wing Butler is an entrepreneur and sign language interpreter, passionate about building the sign language/Deaf economy. He uses his social media prowess and unique appreciation for life to build business opportunities that enhances the field of sign language interpreting.


Talk | Status Transactions: The “It” Factor in Sign Language Interpreting?

Wing will highlight the important role of status transactions in sign language interpreting and explore how interpreters can employ meta and micro behaviors to create successful dynamics while on the job.

Workshop | Sign Language Interpreters: Exercising Status Agility to Achieve Social Balance

In this session, Wing will examine the constructs of status, the rules and principles of status navigation, and offer insight into how today’s interpreter can incorporate an increased level of status agility into their work to be more successful.


Forward-looking organizations committed to retelling the story of the interpreter.



(New York)