StreetLeverage – Live 2013

December 23, 2017

Marginalization Within the Sign Language Interpreting Profession: Where is the Deaf Perspective?

Nancy Bloch
Nancy Bloch explores how the intersectional dynamic between the deaf and sign language interpreting communities has literally been lost in… Read More

Sign Language Interpreters: The Importance of the Day Before

Dennis Cokely
Our archives are filled with the generosity of our presenters and contributors. It is often enlightening to look back at… Read More

Sign Language Interpreters Fostering Integrity

Betty Colonomos
Betty Colonomos takes us through the power and meaning of integrity, as well as the sacrifice and accountability required for… Read More

Debra Russell | Sign Language Interpreters: Discover & Recover an Enduring Legacy

Debra Russell
Debra Russell highlights the legacies of key leaders in the development of the interpreting profession, considering what we may have… Read More

Authenticity: The Impact of a Sign Language Interpreter’s Choices

Stephanie Feyne
Stephanie Feyne explores how the choices made by sign language interpreters affects the perception of Deaf people and how interpreters… Read More

Stepping Out of the Shadows of Invisibility: Toward a Deeper Conceptualization of the Role of Sign Language Interpreters

Anna Witter-Merithew
Anna Witter Merithew examines how interpreters tend to approach role conception, definition and implementation from an interpreter-centric perspective and how… Read More

Social Justice: A New Model of Practice for Sign Language Interpreters?

Dave Coyne at StreetLeverage - Live 2013 | Atlanta
Dave Coyne explores how sign language interpreters, acting on the basis of social justice work, can better align themselves with… Read More
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