Chuck Gramly: Heart, Commitment, Respect

January 1, 2017


Chuck Gramly has been an inspiration to several generations of American Sign Language (ASL)/English interpreters in the Central Ohio community. His leadership, guidance, and passion for ASL and the Deaf community lives in the hearts of all whom have had the pleasure of knowing him. As an interpreter and interpreter educator, Chuck made his mark on the budding profession of interpreting that has come to be what it is today. Through his teaching, involvement in the local community as well as state and national organizations, Chuck’s life work has ignited a passion in others that boils down to three things: respect for language and community, respect for the profession, and respect for one another


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Artl, Grace B. (2017) “Chuck Gramly: Heart, Commitment, Respect,” Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies (MAIS) Case Studies: Vol. 1 , Article 11.

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