Power/Privilege: SL 01

November 14, 2017

Scenario Transcript

Janese, a hearing interpreter, has accepted an assignment to interpret with a Deaf/Hearing team. Upon arriving at the assignment, Janese meets her team interpreters outside of the room. They enter the room, and her fellow interpreters locate a place to set up and drop their bags. Janese takes the opportunity to introduce herself to the two hearing presenters and explain the role of the interpreters and what to expect during the 2 hours. As Janese is engaging the two presenters, her other team members approach and her hearing team begins to interpret to the Deaf team the discussion ensuing between Janese and the presenters.


  • What perceptions could be created by Janese’s introduction of her fellow hearing and Deaf interpreters for the presenters who have never worked with interpreters before?
  • How does this approach impact the communication and relationship within the team?
  • How can power dynamics be reinforced or challenged in the introduction of the interpreters?
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