Deaf Interpreter Conference II: From the Inside

October 27, 2017

What better way to illustrate “full inclusion with sign language”, the theme of the 2017 International Week of the Deaf, than interviews from the movers and shakers at the second Deaf Interpreter Conference in Villanova, PA this summer?

Creating an organic, Deaf space is the ultimate in full inclusion with sign language. An interpreting organization of, by, and for Deaf people is a step toward bringing that kind of inclusion closer to the daily lives of Deaf people. As Jimmy Beldon shared in his StreetLeverage Live 2016 presentation, the Deaf Formative experience can transform an interpreted event, “A CDI could relieve the linguistic and cultural pressures, enabling a Deaf individual to focus…”

In celebration of DIC II, the newly formed National Deaf Interpreters organization (NDI), and International Week of the Deaf 2017, please enjoy these interviews with Keven Poore and Eileen Forestal, Jimmy Beldon and Janis Cole, Jay Krieger and Julianne Wasisco, Ritchie Bryant, and Ellen Roth.




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