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Deaf Interpreter Conference II: From the Inside

Deaf Interpreter Conference II

What better way to illustrate “full inclusion with sign language”, the theme of the 2017 International Week of the Deaf, than interviews from the movers and shakers at the second Deaf Interpreter Conference in Villanova, PA this summer?

Creating an organic, Deaf space is the ultimate in full inclusion with sign language. An interpreting organization of, by, and for Deaf people is a step toward bringing that kind of inclusion closer to the daily lives of Deaf people. As Jimmy Beldon shared in his StreetLeverage Live 2016 presentation, the Deaf Formative experience can transform an interpreted event, “A CDI could relieve the linguistic and cultural pressures, enabling a Deaf individual to focus…”

In celebration of DIC II, the newly formed National Deaf Interpreters organization (NDI), and International Week of the Deaf 2017, please enjoy these interviews with Keven Poore and Eileen Forestal, Jimmy Beldon and Janis Cole, Jay Krieger and Julianne Wasisco, Ritchie Bryant, and Ellen Roth.





The Evolution of the Deaf Interpreter Conference II – Keven Poore & Eileen Forestal

Keven Poore and Eileen Forestal share their thoughts about the development of the conference theme, “Evolve. Embrace. Empower,” the creation and liberation that exists within Deaf Space, and their hopes for the seeds sown at DIC II. 

The Significance of the Deaf Interpreter Conference – Janis Cole & Jimmy Beldon

Leslie sits down with Janis Cole and Jimmy Beldon to understand the significance of the Deaf Interpreter Conference, the importance of having Deaf space, and why Deaf formative experience is an asset to the field of sign language interpreting.

The Formation of National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) – Juliann Wasisco & Jay Krieger

Leslie Greer sits down with Julianne Wasisco and Jay Krieger to discuss the formation of the National Deaf Interpreter organization (NDI), its significance in supporting Deaf interpreters, and its role in ensuring that DIC endeavors continue uninterrupted.

The Richness of Learning within a Shared Context – Cynthia Napier

Cynthia Napier, attending the Deaf Interpreter Conference for the first time, shares her experience participating in an environment intentionally designed to embrace and promote the common life and work experience of Deaf interpreters.

Examining the Deaf Experience in the Context of DIC – Ritchie Bryant

Ritchie Bryant contrasts his attendee and presenter experience at DIC I and DIC II, offers his perspective as to why it is important that the Deaf experience be examined in the context of DIC, and shares his hope for DIC III.

The Complexities of ASL and ASL Education – Ellen Roth

Ellen Roth provides a brief history of language in the United States, emphasizing the importance of having accurate language models for ASL and the role language plays in completing our humanity while recognizing the impact oppressive systems have had on the lives of Deaf people. Ellen and Leslie also discuss the importance of providing ASL education to Deaf people as a matter of course.