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The secret’s out: DJ Kurs is the new guy on the block!

Image Description:

Video still of DJ Kurs, the new Head of StreetLeverage, getting ready to sit down. DJ is a white male with brown, curly hair and a trimmed beard wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt and dark pants. He is smiling into the camera. There are two blue light scones and a bookcase featuring pottery to the right of the frame. To his left is a windowed sliding door with sunlight shining through and greenery outside.

StreetLeverage Proudly Welcomes DJ Kurs

The secret is out – DJ Kurs is the new guy on the block at StreetLeverage.

He builds on a legacy of ten years of events, talks, and articles. The shoes are big, but the future is bright. ⭐️


StreetLeverage has stayed at the forefront for ten years now.

All the data, videos, articles, courses. Altogether there are over 500 pieces of content. Plus the stuff from conferences, LIVE sessions, etc.

I’m thrilled to join the team. The Founder is none other than Brandon Arthur. And there’s Jean Miller, the Editor. And the rest: all of the volunteers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

We’ve got exciting things lined up.

For instance, we’ll be announcing a conference. And we’re truly excited to dive into the profession of interpreting, how it connects to the Deaf world, and the intersectionality of it all.

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StreetLeverage: A New Season

To Everything There is a Season

StreetLeverage is celebrating our 10th year! What an amazing journey we’ve all taken together! And now, we have some exciting changes to share with everyone. Brandon Arthur, StreetLeverage’s founder, shares our news and explains some of what you can expect in the future. The video will only take five minutes of your time, presented in  ASL with English captions.

Thank you to all our subscribers, contributors, presenters, volunteers, sponsors, and community stakeholders. The StreetLeverage endeavor could not happen without you. We are grateful for all your support!