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StreetLeverage Reflections: Allyship, Deaf Space, and Liberation

One of the gifts of experience is the ability to reflect back on the paths we’ve taken so far. These gems are part of our StreetLeverage journey – we hope you enjoy revisiting them, too.

Some truths are perennial. As the field of sign language interpretation continues to evolve, there are critical foundations on which to build. At StreetLeverage, we have been fortunate to engage with thought-leaders and prescient thinkers who remind us of those fundamentals. As we look to the future, we wanted to share some of those golden nuggets with you as a gesture of gratitude. We hope these pieces will spark reflection and conversation today and every day. 

Thank you for including us in your journey.

1.  Allyship is a verb. 

MJ Bienvenu

In her presentation, Bridge to Allyship: Understanding Accountability As Sign Language Interpreters at StreetLeverage – Live 2016 in Fremont, CA, MJ Bienvenu, our 2019 Dennis Cokely National Treasure recipient, provides a framework to look at the relationships between allyship, accountability, and boundaries for sign language interpreters.

2.  Deaf space is critical for effective communication.

Jimmy Beldon - LIVE 2017

Jimmy Beldon’s StreetLeverage – Live 2016 presentation, Deaf Interpreters: The Value of Formative Experience, illuminates the Deaf formative experience and its importance in interpreted interactions, highlighting the need for strong partnerships between hearing and Deaf interpreters.

3.  Dismantling systemic barriers in sign language interpreting requires open hearts and minds. 

Erica West Oyedele

In her presentation, Exploring Liberation and the Decolonization of Sign Language Interpreting, at StreetLeverage – Live 2017 in St. Paul, MN, Erica West Oyedele asks sign language interpreters to open their hearts and minds in order to more closely examine our commitment to removing systemic barriers that prevent interpreters of color, codas, and Deaf interpreters from successfully entering and remaining in the field.

Join Us for More Reflections

We are infinitely grateful to everyone who has supported our endeavor to tell the story of the sign language interpreter from our readers and viewers to our contributors, presenters, volunteers, and critics. Thank you!

What StreetLeverage posts would you highlight? We’d love to hear from you!